The therapeutic engagement is, indeed, costly.


Psychotherapy has been described as a healing conversation. It is the intimate opportunity to get into relationship with psychic organization, pain, and defensive-suffering with the hope of understanding and creatively overcoming these issues. Analyst Rollo May thought of therapy as the constant collaboration of thinking and self-creation simultaneously. 

That said, it is a sacrifice of time, of effort, of psychic strength, of courage, and of resources. This work is an investment; a commitment; a process. But the benefits?


They are truly transformational;

they are beyond what can be priced. 


For what we are talking about is your life—your relationships, your heart and mind and body and soul. How you think; how you feel; how you relate to yourself and to this big world around you.

Things truly priceless. 


With that, my normal fees per session hour are:

  • initial Intake—to ensure we can work together—is my full fee of $130. 

  • $135.00 for individuals;

  • $150.00 for couples;

  •  with limited Sliding Scale hours (for those who may need financial help) to be disclosed in initial contact

  • CONSULTATION TO OTHER PROFESSIONALS - EXPERTISE IN LGBTQ+ ISSUES/culture, anxiety, creativity, psychoanalytic thinking, Narcissism & SHAME - $100


How frequently we meet depends on a number of factors; I find once a week the best place to begin. Initial and ongoing conversation will be had around whether or not multiple sessions a week would be useful for you.

Our mutual protection of the clinical hour(s) is extremely important; I strongly believe that continuity, momentum, and rhythm are vital to therapeutic work and deep change. It is best for us to find workable time for both of us that is consistent week to week; this time is set aside exclusively for you.

For the duration of our work together, I expect payment for each session regardless of whether or not you have attended. If a session is missed, a make-up can be attempted for that same week, however, cannot be guaranteed. You are not charged for the sessions when I am unavailable because of a preplanned absence or illness.


any questions? please, don't hesitate to contact me.